Science of Astrology - X-Rays of the Divine

Science of Astrology: X-rays of The Divine has been written to provide readers with a general foundation in astrology and to address subject matter which is either absent or given insufficient coverage elsewhere; meanwhile explanations of rulership, exaltation and debility are excluded here, not least because the more elaborate parts of these systems seem to have been established rather arbitrarily. An understanding all of the technical explanations in this book is not required to have a good understanding of astrology; at the same time the mathematics used to illustrate physical laws here is not exhaustive.


In Science of Astrology: X-rays of The Divine, the traditional system of horoscope construction is acknowledged and explained; however a new system of horoscope construction is introduced – one which represents the ecliptic in the form it takes independently of the Earth’s daily motion, at the same time as accommodating the season and standpoint of the observation. According to the new system, a new system of house distribution has been devised and ascendant and descendant points are given to the Moon. The new system, expounded in the chapter Mapping the Zodiac is intended to exist alongside the traditional system; however for simplicity it is used independently throughout the book. Other original subject matter in this book includes the incorporation of childhood location changes into the horoscope and the role of orbital resonance in informing planetary aspects.


Science of Astrology: X-rays of The Divine begins with an explanation of the basic physical laws of the solar system which is intended to help enthusiasts adopt a more scientific approach to the study of astrology; the research presented towards the end of the book is intended to impress upon sceptics the value of the horoscope as a signifier of natural phenomena.


Although the ephemeral conditions of meteor and extreme weather events are notable for their singularity rather than for any features which can be specifically attributed to the phenomena they accompany, there are certain astrological features which are distinctly recognisable among recorded cases of earthquake activity and it is possible that astrology will eventually form a part of preventative strategies in this field. Research is also presented which concerns the relationship between IQ and the planet Mercury.


Just as for disciples of psychology or genetics the ardent practitioner of astrology is prone to adopting a two-dimensional view of his or her subject; as the practitioner become more calculating, they also become less amenable to other manifestations of truth. Clearly, to understand human nature and to render a true service to humanity, the practitioner must adopt a holistic view. The book is named Science of Astrology: X-rays of The Divine because just as how an x-ray reveals the skeleton of an organism, so astrology reveals the bare outline of God’s design. And just as how too much exposure to x-rays imperils the health of the organism, so can too great a study of this outline make the practitioner oblivious to the manifestations of the living God – that which exists beyond the dead indices of the celestial bodies.


Hermes Trismegistus recognised the relationship between terrestrial events and the configuration of celestial objects and sought to render certain influences more enduring by soliciting their investment in inanimate objects. These objects were then assumed to promulgate the conditions extant at their inception. Part of Science of Astrology: X-rays of the Divine is concerned with the establishment of rituals, or active prayers, designed to ameliorate or relieve constitutional weakness or tension. Illness often has its origin in bad habits so by staging a ritual for a moment which is fortuitous to the individual, the individual can be emboldened to enact the necessary abnegation. If a ritual, be it direct naturopathic intervention or abstention from unhealthy practices, is staged to coincide with ephemeral conditions which offer reinforcement or stability to weaker or unstable elements of the constitution – upon interaction with the nativity, the ritual becomes as a talisman and reinforces the assimilation of the lesson prefigured by the ritual. Of course, the moment will be special whether or not it is deliberately ascribed ritual significance, but by consciously assigning an appropriate ritual to a fortuitous moment, the exertions of the intellect can be aligned to the exertions of the will.


by Ben Fitch

ISBN: 9781456627072

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